AJ, Bridge & Spida's Secret Sound

Who will win the jackpot?

AJ, Bridge & Spida's Secret Sound



Is it a metal spoon dropping onto a wooden cutting board? Is it an inflatable kid’s pool ring being deflated? Is it a Mars Bar packet being opened? Or is it a jet ski parking on the sand?

It could be anything!

We'll play it during breakfast and on your drive home! 

To win the cash prize all thanks to Community Funeral Plans, you just have to get it right! You can also catch up with AJ, Bridge & Spida here


  1. Ripping sticky tape off a takeaway container
  2. Ripping a piece of paper
  3. Ripping the ball off the Velcro ball game
  4. Ripping off a band aid
  5. Ripping off a post-it note
  6. Pulling a tissue out of a tissue box
  7. Ripping sporting tape off your skin
  8. Pulling a tissue out
  9. Ripping velcro
  10. Two pieces of velcro
  11. Turning a page of a book
  12. Snippet of the static on TV
  13. Pulling a wax strip
  14. Ripping a lid of a washing box
  15. Striking a match
  16. Using sandpaper on wood
  17. Opening plastic document folder
  18. Ripping tape off tape dispenser
  19. Pressing the steam button on an iron
  20. Pulling a bit of gaffer tape off the carpet
  21. Ripping a piece of paper off a spiral notepad
  22. Ripping off a waxing strip
  23. Ripping masking tape off your body
  24. Ripping a band aid rapper apart
  25. Ripping a wax strip
  26. Tin foil on a serrated edge
  27. Lighting a match
  28. Tiger balm plaster 
  29. Pulling harness strings in
  30. Toothbrush when cleaning your teeth
  31. Blowing into a microphone
  32. Stanley knife cutting through a cardboard box
  33. Leg rope from a surf board getting taken off
  34. Pulling the backing off contact
  35. Ripping a piece of paper
  36. Ripping the plastic bag off at the supermarket 
  37. Pulling sticky tape off the carpet 
  38. Blowing out a candle
  39. Wiping burnt crumbs off your toast with a knife
  40. Stanley knife cutting through a cardboard box
  41. Leg rope from a surf board getting taken off
  42. Pulling the backing off contact
  43. Zipping a backpack
  44. Ripping a piece of glad wrap
  45. Ripping an envelope open with a letter opener
  46. Using hair mousse
  47. Blowing air into a video game
  48. Blowing air into a microphone
  49. Scraping your shoe along the ground
  50. Spreading butter on toast
  51. Tissue getting ripped in half
  52. Velcro strap on a work boot
  53. Ripping tape off a cardboard box
  54. Pulling the laces up on a shoe
  55. Opening a sandwich bag
  56. Taking off the velcro tab of a baby nappy
  57. Static from a radio
  58. Ripping material like cotton to make rags
  59. Keys going into a jar
  60. The gas releasing when you take the fuel cap off
  61. Tearing a rag in half
  62. Ripping up a piece of paper towel
  63. Opening a letter
  64. Undoing the velcro on boardshorts
  65. Ripping off a post it note
  66. Pulling a piece of gaffa tape off the roll
  67. Closing a zip tie or cable tie
  68. Ripping open a band aid packet
  69. Ripping packing tape off a box
  70. Ripping masking tape off a masking tape roll
  71. Putting air in your tyres and releasing it
  72. Ripping wallpaper off
  73. Talking through a walkie talkie and hitting the side button
  74. Removing double sided tape
  75. Tearing off a receipt
  76. Opening a cardboard cereal box for the first time
  77. Peeling off the adhesive on the back of an envelope
  78. Rubbing two pieces of sand paper together
  79. Turning a radio station knob
  80. Ripping a piece of paper towel
  81. The sound when you squirt spray on deodorant
  82. Brushing hair
  83. Pulling a straw out of a takeaway lid
  84. Ripping paper off invoice book
  85. Opening a gassy drink like a soft drink
  86. Tearing the safety strip off chewing gum
  87. Ripping two pieces of velcro apart
  88. Ripping off a band aid
  89. Grating a carrot
  90. Tearing off gladwrap
  91. Bending over and splitting your pants
  92. After having your blood pressure checked releasing the strap from your arm
  93. Scissors cutting hair or moustache
  94. Atomiser Spray
  95. Cutting playing cards
  96. Using a paint brush
  97. Using a letter opener to open an envelope
  98. Ripping a piece of toilet paper off the roll
  99. Automatic air freshener
  100. Ripping a piece of velcro off a bag
  101. Somebody pulling a tissue out of a tissue box
  102. Opening a zip lock bag
  103. Brushing lint off clothes with a cloths brush
  104. Striking a match on a match box
  105. Tearing a receipt out of a receipt book
  106. Someone running their fingers over a deck of cards really quick
  107. Opening a packet
  108. Cutting paper with scissors
  109. Pulling out the tape, out of correction tape
  110. Pulling the tab off a disposable nappy
  111. The release at the end after you pump up your tyres
  112. Needle from a record player when it gets placed on the record
  113. Opening a new bottle of vitamins and breaking the seal
  114. Foot sliding on the rubber mats of your car
  115. Non trip stuff on the top of the stairs
  116. Taking off the seal of an envelope
  117. Pulling a key out of a lock
  118. Doing up and undoing a zip
  119. Blowing on a dandelion flower
  120. Sticker being peeled off something
  121. Undoing a pair of board shorts
  122. Open a tub of butter and pull the paper back
  123. Peeling a nappy tab open
  124. Scourer on a frypan
  125. Counting money, flicking the coin onto the counter
  126. Getting up off a leather seat
  127. Some chick waxing
  128. Electric insect zapper
  129. Blowing whiskers out of a razor
  130. Wiping your feet on a front door mat
  131. Ripping off the bin liner
  132. Sharpening a knife
  133. Ripping up a used TAB ticket
  134. A lint brush, brushing down clothing
  135. Opening a drink carton
  136. Dog sneeze
  137. Filing a fingernail
  138. Crossing something off a to do list with a pen
  139. Ripping off the wrapper from a slice of cheese
  140. Ripping off tin foil
  141. Golf player having a practice swing
  142. Taking the seat belt protector off the seat belt
  143. Static on a microphone
  144. Squirt shaving cream
  145. Sound of a camera shutter
  146. Blowing the dust off a CD
  147. Sweeping concrete with a straw broom
  148. Emptying the trash bin on a computer
  149. Photocopying
  150. Using a spatula flipping pancakes or eggs on a BBQ
  151. Ripping up a newspaper
  152. Shuffling two packs of cards together
  153. Nail file on a finger nail
  154. Ripping packing tape
  155. Ripping the label off a coke bottle
  156. Breathing into a microphone
  157. Rip the bottom off the mop
  158. Running a hairbrush through your hair
  159. Pulling sticky tape off a present
  160. Tic Tac being broken
  161. Changing stations on an old transistor radio
  162. Ripping off a piece of material
  163. Pulling two buckets apart
  164. Sound when an email leaves outbox on a computer
  165. Striking a match
  166. Sliding the cutting part of the gladwrap
  167. Ripping a leg rope off a surfboard
  168. Pulling a teabag out of its paper packet
  169. Ripping a piece of gaff tape off the roll
  170. Ripping baking paper
  171. Ripping pants when bending over or sitting down
  172. Lighting a Match
  173. Slipping on a welcome mat
  174. Painting a wall
  175. Striking a pen across a piece of paper
  176. Tearing open an envelope
  177. Opening the velcro on a tummy belt
  178. Someone sniffling
  179. Ripping off a blood pressure arm band
  180. Pulling off a post-it note off the pad