Wayne Bennett's Sly Dig Towards Mitchell Pearce

"We still wouldn’t take him"

Wayne Bennett's Sly Dig Towards Mitchell Pearce Getty Images

Wayne Bennett made his feelings very clear about Mitchell Pearce potentially joining the Broncos after his release from the Roosters. 

"Mitchell Pearce will not be at the Broncos," Bennett was quoted in The Courier Mail. 

"I haven’t spoken to him once and we haven’t even made him an offer — we’re not interested.

"I’m not lying about that.

"We can’t afford him under the salary cap but even if we could afford him, we still wouldn’t take him. Pearce is a good player but we’re happy with the culture we’ve got here.

"People criticise me for signing James Roberts, but James is not a leader at this club.

"People don’t follow James at this club, he fits into the Broncos culture.

"I’m happy with the squad I’ve got."

Despite getting a big NO from Bennett, Pearce still has a few options still available to him with the Sea Eagles and Knights currently the front runners to win his signature.