Broncos Winger Hoping For Positional Shift in 2018

From the wing to the back-row

Broncos Winger Hoping For Positional Shift in 2018 Getty Images

Broncos winger Corey Oates is hoping to shift into the back-row, his 'preferred' position, for the 2018 season.

"I enjoy the wing but it has never really been my preferred position," Oates told

"I've just stayed out there because apparently I am doing the job.

"I was happy to do that for the first couple of years but footy doesn't last forever and if you want to get the most out of it why not play where you enjoy it the most.

"I still love playing in the forwards, in the back row, and I am hoping that one day soon I can move back in. I can't wait until I am 27 or 28 to make a positional change."

However, Broncos assistant coach Jason Demetriou poured cold water on Oates' desire to play in his 'preferred' position.

"He has aspirations to play in the back row and you don't want to discourage that as a coach, but he's a world-class winger," Demetriou told

"Talking to people that play against him, no-one likes tackling him that is for sure.

"The big thing for him is that he has got his head right and he's happy and excited about training. It is a long way before the season starts but he is in good shape."

Oates was picked on the wing by Wayne Bennett in 2015 and has also gone onto represent Queensland in the number two jersey.