It’s Essendon Week On Nuffies On AFL Pages

Strap yourself in!

It’s Essendon Week On Nuffies On AFL Pages Image: Nuffies On AFL Pages/Facebook

Strap yourself in — it’s Essendon week on the Nuffies on AFL Pages Facebook page.

The Facebook page has gotten massive traction after committing itself to exposing the most nuffie-esque responses to posts on various footy pages.

Here’s a taste of their content:




Due to sheer weight of Essendon related submissions, they’ve decided to dedicate this entire week to Bombers nuffies.

They’ve changed their profile picture and cover photo:




And they published their first piece of Bombers nuff-content this morning, and it’s a doozy (and full of swearing — look away if you’re easily offended):



The concept has already angered some fans:

Be sure to tune in for more Bombers nuffie content all week.