Melbourne Confirm What They Want For Jack Watts

Fair price?

Melbourne Confirm What They Want For Jack Watts (Image: Getty)

Melbourne football manager Josh Mahoney says an early second-round pick is "around the mark" for Jack Watts.

Watts is exploring his trade options, with Port Adelaide and Geelong linked to the 25-year-old forward.

Mahoney said there's nothing in front of Watts and the club at the moment, suggesting a trade isn't imminent.

"As of yesterday we met with (his manager) Paul Connors and he let us know there's interest from a few different clubs at the moment," he told AFL Trade Radio.

"What is now clear is they know what our expectations are and now, if they're interested, they'll come to us and we'll look at trying to do some sort of deal.

"We've said all along that we're happy for Jack to look at his options, come back, present them to us, and if it's a deal that's right for the club and right for him, we'll look to do something.

"But there isn't anything in front of us right's still Jack and his management going through it and looking at what the options are. It hasn't got to that stage yet that we're dealing with clubs."

Triple M's Damian Barrett quizzed Mahoney on whether they were after an early second-round pick for Watts. 

"That'd be around the mark of what we're looking for," he said.