Tex Walker Responds To Jimmy Bartel’s Comments

'They can go as hard as they want'

Tex Walker Responds To Jimmy Bartel’s Comments Image: Getty

Adelaide captain Taylor Walker has responded to Jimmy Bartel’s comments about his lack of success.

Bartel slammed Walker for comments the Crows skipper made in regards to Jake Lever earlier in the week, when he suggested the new Demon had moved to Melbourne for “money over success”.

Bartel responded to Tex’s comments later in the day, suggesting that the Crows’ success was scant as well.

“You haven’t had success either,” Bartel said.

“You’ve made a grand final, that’s it.”

Walker responded on Triple M’s Rush Hour today, where he and former Crows ruckman Rhett Biglands are filling in for Andrew Jarman and Chris Lewis.

Listen to the Tex's full chat here:


Tex said that the whole thing had been overblown.

“It’s probably that time of year that there’s not too much football going on and people are trying to create a bit of a storm,” he said.

“Obviously I had my views and opinions on Jake leaving, and I wanna clarify I said that he’d gone for his reasons versus having success.

“We haven’t had success but I believe it’s not far away for our footy club.

“I’m super passionate about our footy club and I’m disappointed that we had blokes that will leave our footy club, but that’s the landscape we’re finding ourselves in at the moment.”

Tex also lamented the role the media has played in the stories gaining traction.

“I’m sure the guys over the Melbourne media, they can have their opinion, they get paid to have their opinion,” he said.

“It’d be a boring world if people didn’t have their opinion.

“They can go as hard as they want, but they won’t knock me over.”

Tex said he was reluctant to compare Adelaide to Melbourne, but feels success is a matter of time for the Crows.

“I would never compare us to Melbourne,” he said.

“I just like to think we’re not far away from success.”