Paul Roos Whacks Gold Coast’s List Building Strategy

On the Rub

Paul Roos Whacks Gold Coast’s List Building Strategy Image: AAP

Paul Roos has whacked Gold Coast’s list strategy as the potential exit of Steven May looms large over the club.

Speaking on the Thursday Rub ahead of the Richmond v Hawthorn qualifying final, Roosy said that the Suns haven't had success with their early draft picks and need to look at other options.


“If they keep going back to the draft the people up there should pull the shutters down and just give up, really,” Roosy said.

“If that’s their strategy they might as well give it away… They’ve had 30-something first round draft picks and finished with four wins.

“They need to change their strategy.”

Roosy gave his thoughts on what they should do differently.

“[They should] try and get players for Steven May. You try and get five or six really, really good AFL players that are competent.

“I mean Brandon Ellis is a classic example… what I’m saying is you get guys that are an older age, that wanna have a real crack at their footy, are not at risk of leaving.

“You get another four or five early draft picks, you’re either gonna sign them for four years when you don’t actually know they’re gonna be any good, or leave in two years time.

“It’s a flawed system and if they keep going back to that system they’ve only got themselves to blame if they only win four games next year.”

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