Dream Cruising: Final Day

Let's go to Phuket!

Dream Cruising: Final Day

The Rush Hour with Lisa and Pete have taken a whole bunch of lucky listeners on a cruise throughout the beautiful Malacca Strait, starting and ending in Singapore.

Here you will find a daily of diary of their exploits.

Day 4: Thailand

Well, Patong to be exact... The glorious Phi-Phi Islands to be even more exact.

We took a 'transfer' boat from the Genting Dream to the beautiful Patong beach, where we embarked on an epic adventure... first to the Phi-Phi Islands, which was fair to say, busy.

Then, we went out to a snorkelling spot and had an encounter with a Moray Eel. Amazing!


After a spot of lunch, we ended up at Bamboo Beach, where we decided to record the show from the water.

There can't be any more picturesque radio stations in the world, can there?

All in all, it was an epic end to an epic week. Thank you Genting Dream, Dream Cruises and of course, Bicton Travel.

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Written by: @dantheinternut