Did you know this about smoking?

Start your quit journey today!

Did you know this about smoking?

Did you know that smoking increases the risk of many cancers? In research conducted in NSW in 2008, the data showed that more than one in four male cancer deaths (28%) and one in five (20%) of all female cancer deaths could be attributed to smoking.


The Border’s 105.7 Triple M is teaming up with the NSW Government and the Cancer Institute of NSW, to promote the benefits, including all aspects of your life, of quitting smoking


Some fast facts:

  • There are health benefits of quitting for all smokers, regardless of age, gender or length of time that they have been smoking
  • By quitting, a pack a day smoker will save around $7,500 each year.


Looking for some inspiration? Lu & Matt spoke to Shannon, and her quit smoking journey was made possible by… push ups!



Start your journey to quit smoking for good today. To get free information, tools and advice from a community of supporters to help you quit, head to iCanQuit.com.au, or get support and advice from a professional Advisor, call Quitline on 13 7848.