Callum Ferguson Proposes An Overhaul To Australia's Cricket Fixture

'I’m a little bit disappointed.'

Callum Ferguson Proposes An Overhaul To Australia's Cricket Fixture (Image: Getty)

South Australian captain Callum Ferguson wants the domestic one-day tournament to return to a proper home and away competition across the whole country.

The one-day tournament has for the last few years been largely held in Sydney, all before the Shield season and the international fixtures.

Ferguson wants the competition moved away from Sydney so that every fan has the chance to go and see their state in action.

“I always used to like when I first started playing the home and away fixtures, if I’m honest,” he told Triple M’s Rush Hour.

“I really enjoyed getting out there and playing at Adelaide Oval where I watched the Redbacks as a young man, and also the Australian team. 

"I suppose I’m a little bit disappointed for the young guys coming in that they don’t get to play out there in one-day cricket, and probably the young fans and, well, just every fan in South Australia doesn’t get to see us play one-day cricket in the reds.”

The batsman wouldn’t mind if the one-day fixtures became intertwined throughout the Shield games over the summer, despite the high workload.

“I’d rather us play home and away throughout the summer,” he said.

"I’d love to see it go back to playing one-dayers in amongst the Shield season, and if you have to rotate players in and out to rest them, then that’s what you do.

“I don’t see why we couldn’t go down that path in the future. I think the fans would love to see it."