Steven Baker Opens Up On His Famous Rivalry With Steve Johnson

"It's all fair in love and war."

Steven Baker Opens Up On His Famous Rivalry With Steve Johnson Image: AAP

Steven Baker has opened up on his famous rivalry with Steve Johnson on Triple M's Dead Set Legends, saying their 2010 fight spurred from a contest in the 2009 grand final.


Baker copped a nine-week suspension from the AFL tribunal for a series of punches on Johnson in round 13, 2010, with Johnson copping three weeks as well.

He said it was something from the grand final the year before that caused the rivalry to begin.

"I think he was holding a bit of a grudge from the grand final," he told Triple M.

"The next time we played each other there was a bit of a build up behind the scenes, and I heard that he wasn't happy, and I said stuff him, I'm never happy, so we came into that game pretty fired up."

Baker told an interesting story about Johnson from the first five minutes of that game.

"Not many people know this, everyone realised that he got his hand broken," he explained.

"He actually broke that across my face in the first quarter, in the first five minutes, and that's got more sort of seeing red more than I usually do."

Johnson copping a three-week ban versus Baker's nine meant he won the battle, according to the former Saint, who have since patched things up.

"I think he took the chocolates," he laughed.


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