Port Adelaide Chairman David Koch: "No One Is Off The Trade Table"

"You've got to make hard decisions."

Port Adelaide Chairman David Koch: "No One Is Off The Trade Table" Image: AAP

Port Adelaide chairman David Koch has told Triple M no player is off the trade table, saying the club has to be "ruthless to be elite".


Koch joined Triple M Adelaide's Dead Set Legends on Saturday, where KG asked him the question about the future of Chad Wingard.

Talk has circulated about whether the Power should trade Wingard, and while Koch did not want to speculate about individuals, he acknowledged that anything could happen.

"No one is off the trade table, as far as we're concerned," he told Triple M.

"If you're going to be ruthless to be elite, you've got to make hard decisions.

"That's a decision (on Wingard) that's up to our list managers - and we've got some pretty good ones at the moment - for all players."

Koch didn't want to speculate about individuals but admitted there's an "assessment" to be made on every player, including the likes of Jared Polec.

"I don't think any decisions have been made about anybody, and I don't want to speculate on any individual players," he said.

"They're the decisions every player and every list manager has got to make about everybody in the squad."


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