One Night Every Man Needs

HEAR Tom Windsor talk Movember

One Night Every Man Needs

Hobart’s Tom Windsor and his Mobart Mo Bros team raised over $50,000 to become the fourth highest fundraising team in the nation for Movember 2016.

This year Tom will be one of those involved in One Night In Movember (in October) a special event for men and those who identify as men.

The Movember Foundation and Triple M are teaming up to bring men together to talk about a better way to being an Aussie bloke – with the help of regular Aussie men, like you.

Inspired by the success of ABC-TV’s ‘Man Up’, One Night In Movember (in October) is a series of events where life’s important stuff will be tackled live on stage. Each event is a chance for mates, brothers, fathers, partners, and sons from all walks of life, to look beyond the steel cap boots and stereotypes and uncover what being a man really means in 2017.

Originally a three-part series funded by the Movember Foundation, Man Up, followed all ‘round good guy Gus Worland, on a mission to tackle gender stereotypes, the pressures of manhood, and most importantly why so many men are taking their own lives. As the biggest killer of Australian men aged 15–44, it’s an issue that can’t be ignored.

Join One Night In Movember (in October), and you’ll see these topics (and more) tackled in an open discussion. Guided by masculinity expert Tom Harkin from Man Up, guest speakers and audience members will together have the chance to chat about real stuff in a relaxed, supportive environment. From sharing personal stories, discussions around masculinity, and the strength and value in opening up around men's mental health and suicide – no topic is off the table.

Bring along the men in your life, or encourage them to join us, starting with the ones next to you – your friends, brothers, workmates, partners, fathers and sons.

The series comes to Tassie, hosted by Triple M’s Dave Noonan, Wednesday, October 11 at 6 PM at Hobart Brewing Company, Macquarie Point, Hobart. 

Here's a link to where tickets can be purchased |

Here’s more on Tom Windsor |

Here’s Tom Windsor talking with Triple M’s Dave Noonan Show - 

Here is Tom Harkin from Man Up, who will moderate the night


Attendees to be 18 years and above.

Please Note: This is an event for men and those who identify as men. Movember Foundation’s experience in igniting conversations about men’s health has demonstrated that men often feel that they can open up in a different way when they are around other men. These events are being built with a male lens, to encourage men to open up and have ‘real’ conversations. The aim is to bring men together to find solutions and better understand how to look after themselves. Mo Sistas, we certainly haven’t forgotten the vital role you play in improving men’s health and supporting this work. Please join us and encourage the men in your lives to attend. We will be sharing content from the events and also producing a report summarising the themes discussed in the sessions to be shared via social media and, to guide us all on how to best support the men in our lives and keep this conversation going.