5 Things You Didn't Know About Jimmy Barnes

His real name is what?!

5 Things You Didn't Know About Jimmy Barnes

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His Real Name…

You probably wouldn’t fall off your chair if we told you that the Cold Chisel front man’s christian name is actually James, James Dixon Swan though? It’s a name that could easily be confused for an Accounting Firm, but it’s actually the name Jimmy Barnes was given at birth!

Following the death of his father, Jimmy’s Mother Dorothy remarried a gentleman by the name of Reg Barnes. Dorothy made the decision to change all of her children’s surnames to Barnes to ease confusion.


He Suffers from Industrial Deafness

Spending the best part of five decades on stage amongst amps, speakers and huge crowds has taken its toll on Jimmy Barnes. He suffers from industrial deafness; a condition not uncommon in those who work in noisy environments. It would seem that this doesn’t affect his ability to put on a cracker show!


His Kids Formed a Band

The apple does not fall far from the tree when it comes to the Barnes family! Four of Jimmy’s children, Mahalia, Eliza-Jane, Elly-May and Jackie formed ‘The Tin Lids’ and released three albums before they had even reached adolescence.

All of Jimmy’s kids have grown up to be accomplished performers, including his son and television personality, David Campbell.



The truth about ‘that’ AC/DC rumour

Urban legend suggests that Jimmy was asked to join AC/DC in the early 70’s, the story goes that Barnes turned down the offer and the spot was then offered to Bon Scott.

Barnes has always denied this rumour and says that he never was asked and never has been asked to join AC/DC and that’s that!


Reclaim Australia Used His Music Without Permission

After Barnes’ classic hits ‘Working Class Man’ and ‘Khe Sanh’ were used by anti-immigration group, Reclaim Australia at a number of their rallies, the Aussie rocker asked the group to stop immediately.

Whilst he is a supporter of free speech, he says he does not support anti-immigration activity. Which makes sense, given his Scottish heritage.


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