Mt Agung Blows It's Top

Think About The Balinese People Too

Mt Agung Blows It's Top

What a nightmare, Mt Agung in Bali which has been threatening to erupt for several weeks has finally blown and travellers are rightly upset that travel plans are being thrown into the ash cloud.

It's a bummer when you've saved up for the cheap massages, nasi goreng at ridiculous prices and the duty free booze only to be told after counting the sleeps that you ain't going anywhere.

The schoolies from Sydney who had a 6 hour flight to the holiday island only to get within 90 minutes from touchdown to have the plane turn around are understandably peeved, I would be too.

There's another group to consider in the midst of this disaster and that's the Balinese people.

I have spoken to a few of my mates and they are apprehensive for the future.

Take a look at this pic from the BBC and check out some of the news footage and my guess is the airport will not be open any time soon, and that means no tourists sitting in the bars and restaraunts, no haggling for a deal on a t shirt and no money.

Any economy works with money going around and around and these folks won't have any for some time.

Think about the businesses outside of the tourist destinations, within the exclususion zone, with people away from their work, and their homes for who knows how long.

And another matter, last time the mountain erupted in 1963 hundreds of people were killed and the land around it was destroyed.

No farming land, waterways destroyed by ash, lives lost.

It's worth considering before bemoaning the lack of Bintangs on your missed holiday.