Domestic Violence Is Not All One Way

Violence Is NEVER Acceptable

Domestic Violence Is Not All One Way

Saturday was International White Ribbon Day and on Friday in Bunbury several hundred people marched and then took part in a ceremony to say NO to violence against women.

The figures are appalling with more deaths in the last year in Western Australia at the hands of a woman’s partner or husband.

Not just domestic violence but violence, in a number of different forms, against women in the home and or the workplace.

It’s not acceptable, there are no excuses and it’s never the victim’s fault.

However on Friday and over the last few days I have had stories come to me of violence towards men, at the hands of women.

These cases are obviously far less frequent but just as damaging and sadly referred to authorities on very few occasions.

The guilt and shame felt by women in these situations is gut wrenching and the pain can last a lifetime, and, the ripple effect on the women and kids goes to the core of self worth.

But what about the men going through the same abuse?

According to the website, contrary to popular belief, men are victims too.


I personally have known 1 bloke who was repeatedly scratched, clawed, punched and kicked by his wife and thrown out of his house on more than 1 occasion.

Her excuse was she was driven to it by some small misdemeanour he had carried out during the day.

To the best of my knowledge, despite being told to, he never took her to the authorities.

Another fellow I worked with put up with verbal abuse which one night degenerated into physical violence which led to him fleeing the house to another family member who didn’t believe his story. He did not report it.

Even on Friday before the White Ribbon ceremony I was told a story of a husband who had his arm broken by his wife. He did not report the incident.

Violence is not acceptable, ever, in the home or workplace, however let’s not be suckered into thinking it’s all one way.