Iconic Cow Imitation

Cowaramup inspires New Zealand town

Iconic Cow Imitation

It appears the Cowaramup Herd has once again sparked interest in far off lands, with the New Zealand town of Bulls the latest location to lift inspiration from the well known fibreglass family.

Augusta Margaret River Shire President Ian Earl received a letter last month from a resident in Perth drawing his attention to the copycat move.

The author, who had recently returned from a visit to the South West with family travelling from New Zealand, attached a newspaper clipping on a surprisingly similar herd of cattle – a collection of large black bulls.

Headed up by the Lions Club in the town of Bulls, the project has seen seventeen bull statues erected around the town and the new residents are already attracting attention from passing motorists.

Project manager Paul Geurtjens said he was inspired to install the herd when he visited Cowaramup with his brother.

“"I went to see my brother in Australia and went through a town called Cowaramup and they had black and white friesian cows all through the town,” Geurtjens said.

"They said it had increased the tourism by 30 per cent, so I thought of an extension of a Bulls theme here.

“I came home and put the proposal forward and away we went. It's another way to push the Bulls community."

Statues have been placed in locations around the town including schools, the medical centre, retail stores and other “strategic spots”.

The town enjoys a quirky sense of humour similar to Cowaramup, with pun-laden signage and bovine business names dotting the quaint streets.

Mr Earl said the news was unexpected but a great indication of Cowaramup’s ability to lead the way for country towns.

“It’s great to see that an idea born in Cowaramup is being exported to the world,” he said.

“If they have as much success from tourists as Cowaramup has had over the past few years, then they will be very pleased.

“Perhaps the Lions Club should start a cow franchise and charge a small fee to tourist-deprived towns across the world!”

Mr Geurtjens said he hoped the bulls would become as popular for Bulls as the Cowaramup herd.

"When people ask 'where do you come from?' and you say Bulls, then eventually they'll say 'that's where all those bull statues are from'."