How !?*@ Hard Is It To Clean Up?

Take it with you.

How !?*@  Hard Is It To Clean Up?

Over the weekend I headed to the Blackwood River with some buddies to get away from the week.

We have done this many times and the group is always conscious of leaving a site how we've found it, but not this time.

Sadly the grubs who'd been there before left a pile of rubbish with cans, egg cartons, even the egg shells and nearly a dozen bottles strewn around the place.

Which brings me to my question, how freakin' hard can it be to take your rubbish with you? Answer, not very.

It shows a blatent disregard and lack of respect for the environment and the people, which just happened to be us this time, who will follow the serenity to the river edge.

Why, why, why woud you not put it in a plastic bag and take it with you to be disposed of properly?

Got me beat.....................