More Than 14,000 Infringements Issued By Police Over The Long Weekend

Road report

NSW Police recorded 14,000 driving infringements over the long weekend, with five people losing their lives on the roads.

During Operation Slow Down, police noted 14,429 infringements, with:

  • 6201 speed infringements
  • 188,323 breath tests
  • 215 drink-driving charges
  • 313 major crashes.

“It seems that despite our warnings and extra police on the roads over the weekend, too many people still made the decision to speed or drive dangerously on our roads," Acting Assistant Commissioner David Driver said.

“Tragically, five people died on our roads during the operation, and another two died on a private property. 

“These deaths bring the number of lives lost on our roads this year to 290. That is 290 people who set out on a journey and didn’t make it home, changing the lives of their family and friends forever.

“Many of the 290 lives lost were avoidable tragedies. People just needed make a different decision and to slow down, put their phone away, not drive whilst they were tired or take an alternate ride home.

“Although this operation has concluded, you will continue to see police on our roads enforcing speeds, mobile phones, drink and drug-driving, and seatbelts, in order to prevent more loss of life."