An Old School 1970’s Milk Bar Has Just Opened In Sydney

Turn back time.

An Old School 1970’s Milk Bar Has Just Opened In Sydney

A new milk bar has opened its doors in Sydney and it is 1970s themed!

The milk bar is located in Mortdale and it’s called Milk Bar 2223, after the suburb's postcode.

Even though the doors have only just opened, it has already been a massive hit and of course is making news across the state.

The retro café is designed as a 1970s old school café and is filled with 1960s and 1970s memorabilia, including pinball machines and old games. 

They even have a McDonald's uniforms from the 70s… all of the throwback feels.


With the café only being a short 20 kilometres south of the city, we have a feeling it's soon going to become a hot spot to hit up... so we suggest to get there soon.

Their menu is also old school… we are talking traditional malted milkshakes naturally made with frozen aluminium cups, as well 70’s burgers for days... and well, let’s not even get started on the one cent lollies.

Oh and there is a all day breakfast menu. Brunch anyone?

Nope, we are still not done… tea is served in tea cups with tea cosies… so in other words take your grandparents they are gonna get all the feels with the memories.


38 Balmoral Road


NSW 2223