The Murray Darling Basin Authority releases findings!

Calls for clearer compliance regimes.

The Murray Darling Basin Authority releases findings!

The Murray Darling Basin Authority and Independent Panel have released their review into compliance matters across the Murray-Darling Basin.

The review comprises of two reports; one prepared by the MDBA, and one by the Panel.

The review has found that Basin States, especially New South Wales and Queensland, need to do more the increase the robustness, transparency and consistency of compliance and enforcement across the Basin.


Both have made recommendations designed as a solid basis for a stronger and more effective compliance regime, with the implementation of a ‘no meter, no pump’ policy, and a more comprehensive suite of penalties that are actually used.

The Independent Panel report has also found that the MDBA needs to be more assertive.

Chief Executive Phillip Glyde says that will start immediately.

To read the review in full, click the link below!