WATCH: The Rock Roadhouse On Fire

The iconic building has been destroyed

WATCH: The Rock Roadhouse On Fire Teegan Smith (Facebook)

The iconic Ayres Rock Roadhouse at North Arm Cove is no more.

A fierce fire tore through the Pacific Highway service centre at 7:15pm, destroying the building.

18 RFS and Fire and Rescue NSW crews were called in to battle the inferno.

An RFS spokesperson says everyone has been accounted for, while the nearby camp has been evacuated.

Firefighters have been monitoring several fuel tanks at the petrol station.


Aaron Newton

The site opened in 1990 by the Leyland Brothers and was originally known as Leyland Brothers World theme park.

It featured a 1/40 scale replica of Uluru, amusement rides, playground, roadhouse, museum and a bush camp for school children.