REVEALED: The Hunter's Cleanest And Dirtiest Beaches

The latest report card is out..

REVEALED: The Hunter's Cleanest And Dirtiest Beaches

The water quality has declined at three popular Hunter swimming spots, according to the latest State of the Beaches report.

Fingal Beach and Redhead Beach went from 'very good' to 'good', while Wangi Point dropped from 'good' to 'poor'.

Heavy rainfall in February and March is being blamed for the deterioration in water quality.

The only local swimming site to improve was Kilaben Bay, now rated one of the cleanest spots to go for a swim in Lake Macquarie.


Zenith Beach (Very Good)

Box Beach (Very Good)

Fingal Beach (Good - down from Very Good)

One Mile Beach (Very Good)

Birubi Beach (Very Good)

Little Beach (Good)

Dutchmans Beach (good)

Bagnalls Beach (Poor)

Lemon Tree Passage Tidal Pool (Good)

Georges Reserve (Poor)


South Stockton (Very Good)

Nobbys Beach (Very Good)

Newcastle Beach (Very Good)

Bar Beach (Very Good) 

Merewether Beach (Good)

Burwood North Beach (Good)

Burwood South Beach (Good)


Glenrock Lagoon Beach (Good)

Dudley Beach (Very Good)

Redhead Beach (Good - down from Very Good)

Blacksmiths Beach (Very Good)

Swansea Heads Little Beach (Good)

Caves Beach (Very Good)

Catherine Hill Bay (Good)

Eleebana (Poor)

Croudace Bay (Good)

Arcadia Vale (Good)

Belmont (Good)

Swansea (Poor)

Cams Wharf (Poor)

Speers Point Park (Poor)

Bolton Point (Poor)

Toronto (Good)

Kilaben Bay (Good - up from Poor)

Wangi Point (Poor - down from Good))

Balcolyn (Good)

Sunshine (Good)