Focus Already Turns To Next Year's Newcastle 500

Can it get any better?

Focus Already Turns To Next Year's Newcastle 500

Workers have spent the night pulling apart the infrastructure around the Newcastle 500 street circuit, following the event's huge success over the weekend.

Safety barriers are currently being removed around the track, with the whole 'bump out' process to take about three weeks.

"The majority of it will be done in the first ten days, so they'll still be clearing it out in three weeks time. But it'll be minimal and the focus will be on getting the residential areas back to normal as soon as possible," Lord Mayor Nuatali Nelmes said.

More than 190,000 people passed through the gates at the inaugural Newcastle 500 over the three days.

There's already talk on how to improve the event for 2018.

"We'll run through our operations at council combined with the inter-agency team and Supercars to look at any improvements, just to make sure its a better experience for fans, visitors, athlete and the driving teams," Clr Nelmes said.

"But in terms of inaugural Supercars events, there was not one person I spoke to from Supercars, the racing teams and the drivers who didn't say this was one of the best inaugural events they've been to, rivaling Bathurst."