PornHub Users Infected With Virus After Hackers Unleash Malware

Better get that checked

PornHub Users Infected With Virus After Hackers Unleash Malware

If you've had a bit of 'me time' in the last month or so aided by trusty ol' PornHub, it's probably a good idea to take your computer to an IT specialist because there are reports of a malware virus launching courtesy of the website.

People across the US, UK and Australia have reportedly been exposed to a hard-to-detect virus known as Kovter due to their PornHub browsing.

According to, after visiting the adult website, users are shown fake pages for software updates such as Google Chrome or Firefox.

However, if these downloads are opened, the virus enters the computer and the systems become infected.

This particular type of malware is known as 'malvertising' as it causes more dodgy ads to spread, leading to more victims of the attack.

Typically, the software generates revenue through clicking on fake adverts through online advertising fraud. 'Clickbots' could even be installed to interact with ads online.

In the case of PornHub, it seems as though users were encouraged to update their Flash player. This type of malware attack is capable of infecting Chrome, Firefox and Microsoft Edge/Internet Explorer.

If you think your computer has been compromised, best to get it checked by a professional.