Three Arrested Following Stolen Jewellery Investigation

Police seize Lamborghini and cash

Three men have been arrested across Melbourne as police seize a Lamborghini, cash and precious stones allegedly related to an ongoing investigation into stolen jewellery.

Detectives from the Gangs Crime Squad executed warrants this morning from 10.20am at a jewellery store on Collins Street, as well as homes in the Melbourne CBD, Southbank and Caulfield North.

Three men, aged 31, 36 and 34, were arrested and are currently in custody.

Police have also seized a number of items believed to either be stolen or the proceeds of crime including cash, gold and silver, precious stones and gold bullion.

Crime Command Acting Commander Peter De Santo said today’s result highlights the “significant impact” of these crimes.

“It’s not only about identifying and targeting offenders involved in violent incidents at jewellery stores, it’s also about investigating what happens after those offences occur,” he said.

“We know that offenders will be looking to move on items, many of which have significant value, so it’s about making sure we follow those lines of enquiry and stop those providing avenues for the disposal of these goods.

“These incidents have a significant impact on victims, whether it’s those who are in the store at the time of the offence or those business owners who are left with the loss of stock and damage to their stores.

“We understand there has been a lot of concern from business owners, as well as the wider community, about this offending.

“However we can absolutely assure the community that police are committed to investigating these incidents and today’s arrests highlight this.”

The investigation into the selling and receiving of stolen jewellery was launched by the Gangs Crime Squad following a series of jewellery store armed robberies across Melbourne over the past year.