VIDEO: Templestowe Mum and Baby Nearly Run Down By Burglars

Photo of suspect released.

VIDEO: Templestowe Mum and Baby Nearly Run Down By Burglars

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Video has emerged of the terrifying moment a Templestowe woman with a baby in her arms jumped out of the way while burglars stole her car. 

Mum and her child were in the back garden of the Tasker Street home on November 13 when the offenders broke in through the front just before 2pm, stealing their black Skoda.

She rushed out to confront the offenders during the theft, standing in the driveway to block them from leaving.


The act didn't deter the offenders however, and police have released footage of the woman jumping out of the way to avoid being hit and a digital photograph of one of the suspects.

The car was later found dumped in Thomastown.

The driver is described as of Middle Eastern appearance, 185-188cm tall with facial stubble and dark hair while two passengers with dark hair are believed to be aged in their teens.

DO YOU KNOW THIS MAN?: Police have released a digital rendering of one of the men.

Investigators understand a second person fled in a second car.


Melbourne has managed to dodge new summer water restrictions.

If the state's water storage dropped to 60 per cent or less by the end of November authorities would start preparing for drought.

As of November 30 Victoria's storages sit at 68.6 per cent with a deluge of rain expected in the next few days.

The state could get up to a month's worth between Thursday afternoon and Sunday, with the Bureau of Meteorology tipping record-breaking downpours.

"This is a very big event," said Senior Meteorologist Scott Williams. "It's right at the top end of the rainfalls that we've seen in Victoria in the last 30 years."


Fire crews will spend the morning mopping up after fire destroyed a home at St Albans.

Four residents managed to evacuate from the George Street townhouse without injury before fire took hold.

It took crews 35 minutes to get control of the scene, with a smoke warning issued for residents in the area.

The blaze reportedly started in a bedroom - but investigators are yet to determine the cause.