One In 45 Caught Drink Driving On Monash

Part of a massive police crackdown

One In 45 Caught Drink Driving On Monash

50 drink drivers were picked up on the Monash during a police operation over the weekend.

Three booze buses were set up on the outbound lanes between High Street and Warrigal Road at Malvern East on Friday and Saturday night.

Police say one in every 45 drivers were over the limit with the worst offender coming back at .130, nearly three times the limit.

On top of the 50 drink drivers, they also pulled a further 30 people up for:

  • Nine not wearing seatbelts
  • Four unregistered vehicles
  • Two drug drivers
  • Two unlicensed drivers
  • Three driving while disqualified
  • Two suspended drivers
  • One mobile phone offence

Indonesian authorities have issued the highest-level aviation warning for flights in and around Bali after Mount Agung erupted for a second time over the weekend.

Flights of about 5,000 passengers canceled yesterday, affecting people flying Air Asia, Jetstar, Qantas and Virgin.

Australian airlines are today closely monitoring the conditions and anyone due to fly out soon is urged to keep a close eye on any warnings and check their flight's status regularly.

A plume of volcanic ash and steam was blasted more than 6kms into the skies above the popular tourist destination.

Authorities are expecting the ash cloud will blow southeast over the neighbouring island of Lombok, and away from the main airport at Denpasar.

Police are using their detective skills for something a little left of field, hoping to track down a young Brunswick girl's stolen guinea pig.

Owner Bianca was playing with Bobby outside her Collier Crescent home at 8am on Saturday when the pet was taken.

A red bike with a gold helmet was left in the yard.

Investigators believe another child may have him.