Melbourne Crash shakes King Island

Fly In Fly Out population rocked

Melbourne Crash shakes King Island
Residents of King Island,Tasmania, are still shaken by the fatal crash in Melbourne of a charter plane that had been heading their way.          

Four US tourists were reported to be headed to the island to play golf when their plane smashed into a retail outlet, killing them and their Australian pilot.


King Island Mayor Duncan McFie said the tragedy had affected the islanders because most of the 2000 residents fly in and out on a regular basis so it's left them shaken.


In the past few years the island has become an international golfing destination with around 10 to 15 commercial and charter flights a day.

Aircrash investigators are expected to update the public on their initial findings today as they continue to sift through maintenance records, weather conditions and radio calls. A preliminary report however would be released in 28 days, but the final report would take much more time to complete due to the “complex nature” of the investigation.

Max Quartermain | killed when the plane he was piloting crashed in Melbourne (facebook)