Lucky conclusion to a crash

A reminder to stay safe on roads

Lucky conclusion to a crash Esperance Police

Certainly a big reminder to stay safe out there on the roads with this near fatal crash. Listen into my show tommorow after 8am to hear my chat with Senior Sargent of the Police: Richard Moore about this. Here is his report on this crash involving a young male driver and his young passengers:

At about 8.45pm on Saturday 25 November 2017, emergency services attended a traffic crash on Longbottom Lane near Pink Lake Road, Pink Lake.

The 17 year old male provisional driver allegedly drove the Hyundai Lantra at excessive speed, lost traction with the road service and control of the vehicle which left the bitumen at the apex of the corner and struck a tree.

Fortunately, the vehicle had four 16 year old passengers were all wearing seat belts.

All five persons suffered minor injuries involving neck strains and chest pain consistent with sudden impact and were conveyed to Esperance Hospital for examination.

Esperance Police are still investigating the crash but advise alcohol was not a factor in the crash. 

Report courtesy of Richard Moore.

- Draker