TRC Hands Down the 2017-18 Budget

Rate rise on the way

TRC Hands Down the 2017-18 Budget

Mayor Paul Antonio has handed down Toowoomba’s 2017-18 budget and as expected Toowoomba residents face a rate rise – of 3%.

The $305 million operational budget delivered a 3% net increase in rates and charges and outlined a $170m capital works program.

TRC will spend the latest chunk of budget funding on roads, footpaths and bike-ways adding up to $125 million with water projects coming in next at $73 million.

Some of the key infrastructure developments are a new Highfields Library, the completion of the City Hall auditorium and a $1.2 million dollar Queens park upgrade.

Mayor Paul Antonio says they're being conservative to ensure the community thrives long term.

The budget documents were passed by the council at a special meeting held this afternoon at City Hall, and were passed unanimously.

 "The Toowoomba region is in the midst of a new chapter, we are maturing as a community and Council has a responsibility to our residents, now and well into the future. Our task, as a local government is to provide the community’s essential services in an economically responsible manner. Reflecting the size and robust nature of our organisation, and indeed our region, today’s budget totals $475 million dollars."


"This budget, we have again focused on getting the best value for money in delivering services for our residents, at every stage of life. This is at the heart of local government. We hold dear to our reputation as one of Australia’s most liveable regions and this budget is a testament to Council’s commitment to maintaining that liveability." Mayor Antonio


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