TRC Accepts the Resignation of the Jondaryan Woolshed’s Board

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TRC Accepts the Resignation of the Jondaryan Woolshed’s Board Contributed

Toowoomba Regional Council has accepted the resignation of the volunteer Jondaryan Woolshed Board.

Toowoomba Region Mayor Paul Antonio expressed his gratitude to the Board’s volunteer directors for their dedication and commitment over many years to the expansion and betterment of one of the region’s most significant tourism and historical facilities. 

As a direct consequence of accepting the Board’s resignation, Council has approved the appointment of an interim Board to guide the immediate future direction and development of the Jondaryan Woolshed facility.

“Let me be absolutely clear about this, the change in the governance structure will in no way affect scheduled or planned events and functions at the Jondaryan Woolshed,” Mayor Antonio said.

In the mean time an interim board has been set up to guide the immediate future of the Woolshed.

Council is interested in hearing from anyone who would like to get involved in the  running of the Woolshed.  Ideally, TRC will be seeking people from the surrounding district who have a keen interest in promoting the rural heritage along with the relevant business skills to ensure the Jondaryan Woolshed has a strong and viable future.