The Jumpers & Jazz in July Festival

SDRC make car parking easier

The Jumpers & Jazz in July Festival

It's that time of year when wool becomes the focus of Warwick - The Jumpers & Jazz in July Festival is almost upon us.

In anticipation of a busy and successful Jumpers & Jazz in July festival, Southern Downs Regional Council has finalised parking conditions for bus companies to make access easier for tourists, residents and operators in the region.

The Jumpers & Jazz in July Festival will take place from 20th July – 30th July.

There will be a designated drop-off point for bus companies over this period. The drop-off point will be the½ hour bay directly outside the entrance to the Council Administration Building at 64 Fitzroy St, Warwick.

There will be signage erected for the period so that this designated drop-off point is clearly marked. These signs will be erected next week in readiness for the festival.

Southern Downs Mayor Tracy Dobie says organising effective parking for transport companies is fundamental to the smooth operation of the festival. “Council is looking forward to the Jumpers & Jazz festival which brings thousands of tourists to our region. Ensuring that bus companies can park and drop off visitors easily means that everyone can enjoy the festival without traffic problems.”

Jumpers & Jazz Committee spokesperson, Karina Devine said: “The Jumpers and Jazz in July committee is very grateful to Council for this parking initiative.”