Highfield's Residents Backlash Has Council Revising Plans

Highfields Cultural Precinct Masterplan

Highfield's Residents Backlash Has Council Revising Plans


Council says its revision to the draft Highfields plan is balance between forward planning and listening to the community

Yesterday submissions over the draft cultural precinct plan were brought up at the ordinary meeting with locals invited to sit in on the meeting.

Over 500 submissions had been made to council with concerns over the plan for the area.

The council made a number of revisions including having the library on council owned land therefore not resuming any homes.  Council also did a black flip of its plan to resume some housing for a new road network and town centre.

Councillor Chris Tait says they will continue discussions with Highfields residents to develop a community focused blueprint for the growing area.

Toowoomba North MP Trevor Watts describes the outcome as a great result for the people of Highfields.