Police Catch Trucks Speeding & Using Horns in Middle of Night

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Police Catch Trucks Speeding & Using Horns in Middle of Night

Police have received numerous complaints about heavy vehicles speeding and sounding their horns in the late hours of the night and early hours of the morning throughout Ulmarra in recent times.

As a result, around 3:30am on Monday morning, Traffic and Highway Patrol police from Grafton were conducting stationary speed enforcement on the Pacific Highway at Ulmarra.

At this time Police detected a NSW registered B Double travelling north in excess of the signposted 50km/h speed limit.

The driver was then observed and heard to sound the vehicle horn for a sustained period of time in excess of 5 seconds for no apparent reason.

Police stopped the driver, with officers undertaking subsequent checks of both the vehicle and driver’s work diary, which revealed a number of issues.

The driver was issued a number of breaches for speeding, unnecessary noise, logbook and vehicle defect offences.

Meanwhile, based on a similar complaint from last week, another truck was identified using the truck’s horn inappropriately in the early hours of the morning, waking residents.

As a result, police conducted inquiries with the business involved. 

According to the company, they terminated the driver from employment today.