Queensland Motorists Could Reap Unexpected Holiday Fuel Savings


Queensland Motorists Could Reap Unexpected Holiday Fuel Savings Image: Pixabay

As the rest of the country grapples with reports of record high petrol prices through the holiday period into 2018, Queensland motorists could be making some unexpected fuel savings.

Yes, a global oil price surge will have a flow on impact to petrol pricing in the lead up to Christmas, but RACQ spokesperson Lauren Ritchie says the usage of an old pricing cycle throughout the state is currently keeping fuel at about $1.27 a litre.

“We'll see that continue to see that go down, about a cent or two a centre a litre each day until we hit the bottom of the cycle. That's when it will jump up, it will jump up by about 20 to 25 cents, up to the new high of around $1.45," she said.

"The way it’s falling at the moment it should fall around the cheap phase. It’s quite an urban myth that prices hike during the Christmas holidays and school holiday period, it's not usually case.

“It feels the way but they usually stay low - because not that many people are on the roads, a lot of people are at their holiday destination.

"It could see Christmas fall at the cheap point of the phase of the price cycle, so if we are seeing things go according to where it should be we might actually get a good Christmas gift."

Motorists should visit RACQ’s Fair Fuel website to find the cheapest and most expensive service stations in their area.