Doctor's Orders: Don't Let Ya Pooch Lick You!!

62% of our listeners allow it

Doctor's Orders: Don't Let Ya Pooch Lick You!!

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A bit of public health information on Triple M Brisbane today.. about just how gross it is to let your dog lick you. 

Marto, Ed and Robin got talking about it after Ed came across a news story titled 'Woman Bites Dog', about a Melbourne woman who bit a staffy on the neck in an attempt to stop it savaging her own dog. 

Long story short, they wanted to know if people let dogs lick them... especially on their face or mouth...

Rex from Alderley sees absolutely no problem with it -

"Cos there's something in a dog's saliva that actually cures, which is why they lick their own cuts and bruises"

"I've had about 8 sores on my legs in the last 6 months and as soon as they lick it, within 5 or 6 days it's all healed"

Turns out 62% of callers into the show agreed. 

Doctor Toni Bartoni, Vice-President of the AMA, had a completely different take on it: 

"Dogs' saliva carries a number of bacteria including pasteurella and this has been shown to be very very problematic, especially if it gets into open wounds." 

"It can create serious illnesses and widespread infection", he tells us. 

Dr Bartoni says the message is simple:

"Keep dogs and dog saliva away from any open wound where the potential for local infection and even complications such as arthritis or meningitis can become a possibility"

Written by Claire Sherwood @clairesherwood_