Powderfinger Drummer Not Invited To Reunion

Rock drummer opens up

Powderfinger Drummer Not Invited To Reunion

Image: Powderfinger

The Aussie music scene were left in shock after the surprise reunion from rock legends Powderfinger over the weekend, but it seems one important part of that scenario was the most shocked.

Discussed on ABC radio this morning, Powderfinger drummer Jon Coghill was just as surprised of the reunion of the Aussie rock band.

As reported on abc.net.au the drummer was at home with his kids when the other original 4 members took to the Splendour In The Grass stage Saturday night and learnt of the reunion as it was happening saying he received a text from a friend about the gig.

The reunion took place at the end of frontman come successful singer, songwriter Bernard Fanning’s set.

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Although the gig was a shock for us all, we've been predicting the Aussie five piece would be getting back together sometime this year, read more here

It seems it was simply an accidental reunion, with Coghill saying;

“I was texting Bernie and he said ‘look it was sort of a last minute thing and it’s now been blown out of proportion’.

Saying that, with all happy families in the Powderfinger camp, it seems a full blown reunion is closer than ever!