LIVE REVIEW: Joy Division And New Order Lives On

Founding members incredible live show

LIVE REVIEW: Joy Division And New Order Lives On Peter Hook,

Tuesday was a hard day for the music community. It seems as though we’d only just realised the severity of the Las Vegas attacks when the news broke that Tom Petty had passed away.

It seemed like the perfect tour to soundtrack the mood of the evening, Peter Hook and The Light playing the songs of the band’s he founded, Joy Division and New Order.

The dark, rock songs that have influenced rock bands we love today and been the soundtrack of music lovers for decades were executed to perfection, as if it was the original line up fronting the stage.


The crowd was pumping, immersed and lost in the sound, reliving timeless hits Love Will Tear Us Apart, Lost Control and Transmission during the mammoth two hour set, ignoring the issues of the world and enjoying the music.

Peter Hook And The Light are on tour now.

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