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Our review on this rockin' doco.

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Everyone saw the video clip Eddie Vedder singing “Take Me Out To The Ballgame” last year at Wrigley Field. We’ve heard many renditions of the song through the years, most recently it was butchered by Ice Cube… now it’s all beginning to make lots of sense.


Pearl Jam may be synonymous with the Seattle grunge scene, but Eddie Vedder’s hometown is Chicago.

Let’s Play Two
chronicles the team’s history, depicting loyal Cub fans and tireless staff at home of the Cubs Wrigley Field, all through the eyes of protagonist Chicago music legend Eddie Vedder.

In the film, the Pearl Jam front man is simply a sports fan, a lifelong follower of The Chicago Cubs, one of thousands in the crowd. Vedder goes from Cubs supporter to music superhero, taking the stage for two nights (August 20 and 22nd 2016) in celebration of the win documented in Let’s Play Two. Look out for star cameos, including on stage footage of Eddie Vedder being held in the arms of Dennis Rodman.

An underdog baseball team like Chicago Cubs making the World Series first time in 108 years, is particularly poignant this week, with Richmond’s triumphant Grand Final win, first time since 1980. A bit like little Mick Molloy waiting 37 years for a Richmond to win the Grand Final again, only this was a first time for Eddie Vedder.

Directed by photographer of note Danny Clinch Let’s Play Two ties together Chicago Cubs and Pearl Jam into one documentary. Historic photos, stories from the people, as well as the live soundtrack from Pearl Jam’s catalog spanning Ten to Lightning Bolt, including cuts like "Black Red Yellow," "Crazy Mary," a cover of the Beatles' "I Got a Feeling" and Pearl Jam’s very own Cub’s anthem “All The Way”, all complete with footage of hardcore Pearl Jam fans camped out for days “Every show there’s just something you’ll remember forever.”

The film screens for one day in Australia this Wednesday October 4.
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